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1.Design, Supply and Rebuilding of Railway from Bungo to Baia, and Railways within Luanda Port (Phase I & II), in Luanda, Angola:

This railway rebuilding project from Bungo to Baia in Luanda, Angola is the first project implemented under the cooperation of Chinese and Angolan governments. This project is contracted by China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) who acts as the prime contractor, and the construction is completed jointly by our company and CMEC in the form of Joint Venture. The Phase I mainly involve the rebuilding of the existing railway section from Bungo to Viana with a length of 22.7km and the construction of the new rail link within Luanda port with a length of 3.5km, including 2 nos of newly-built station, 8 nos of secondary stations, 1 no of railway steel bridge with a length of 230m, 23 nos of footbridge with structural steel, 8 nos of level crossing, concrete fencing with a length of 45km, reinforced concrete ditch of 18000m³. The Phase II mainly concern the rebuilding of the existing section from Viana to Baia with a length of 14km, including 1 no of new station, 2 nos of secondary station, 3 nos of footbridge, 3 nos of level crossing, etc.

The scope of works involves the reconstruction of double-way railway subgrade, technical upgrading of single-track railway, rebuilding of station tracks, installation of turnouts, receiving-departure lines at stations, station buildings, semi-automatic block, electric power supply, and communication & signaling facilities required for train operation, etc.


2. Construction of Two Tunnels and Subgrade Works of Tanger and Ras R’Mel Rail Link in Morocco:

This railway tunnel project is independently contracted independently by our company from the Moroccan government. The project concerns two railway tunnels along the Tanger- Ras R’Mel rail link, and the scope of works include: construction of Ras R’Mel single-track railway tunnel (2602m in length), design and construction of Sidiali single-track railway tunnel, together with the construction of road padding at tunnel entrance & exit, single-track railway subgrade of 2.5km in length between PK23+600 and PK29+000. The project is commenced from September 2005; however, due to geological conditions and variations by the Employer, it is completed in July, 2008.


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