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1.Construction of Bridges overcrossing Rhir River & Quargaz River on FES-OUJDA Expressway in Morocco:

This expressway bridge project in Morocco is the first overseas project regarding the construction of expressway viaduct contracted by us independently through international bidding process. The project concerns two expressway bridges on FES – OUTDA expressway section, overflying Rhir River (291.92m in length) and Quargaz River (500.48m in length) respectively, both of which are of double-way two lanes, with a road surface width of 2×11.8m. The total length of the two bridges are 792.40 lm (double-way), and the main works quantities include: reinforced steel of 5500t, concrete of 38600m³ in total comprising B40 concrete of 7000m³, B35 concrete of 5600m³, B30 concrete of 26000m³, excavation of 69200m³, fill of 25000m³. The project is commenced in Feb. 2008, and completed in Oct. 2010. 

2. Construction of MOULOUYA Viaduct in Morocco:

Moulouya viaduct is located on TAZA – OUTDA expressway, applying gravel piles foundation and combined steel & concrete girders. It is a two-way 4-lane viaduct with a total length of 440m and a deck width of 22.5m, including 8 spans, and the height of the pier is approx. 30m. The project is commenced in Aug. 2008, and completed in 2010.

3. Reconstruction of Road No.8 in Cambodia:

We undertake the reconstruction of the road section K38+580~K105+551 as the subcontractor of Shanghai Construction Group, the prime contractor of the project. The scope of works comprises the construction of subgrade, pavement subbase, bridges & tunnels, protection & support works, traffic security facilities, landscaping, with a total length of 66.964km, a design speed of 60 km/h and a subgrade width of 11m (3.5×2carriage way + 1.5×2 hard road shoulder + 0.5×2 earth road shoulder). Quantities of main works are as follows: subgrade earthworks of 1180,000m³, subgrade side-slope support with mortar rubbles of 33,000m³, subbase of 500,000 m³, 11 nos of bridge with a total length of 780 lm, 176 nos of culverts with a total length of 2501 lm. The actual commencement date of the project is 1st Jan., 2008, and the actual completion date 10th Jun., 2011. The project is under defects liability period at present.

4.Construction of EGUME/OGODU/OFUGO Road:

The Egume/Ogodu/Ofugo road project is located in the northeast of Kogi State, Nigeria, passing through three local governments of Egume, Omala, and Ankpa respectively, with a total length of 52.4km, applying surface dressing design.

5. Rehabilitation and asphalt overlay of Ejule/Alloma/Otukpa Road Project:

The Rehabilitation and Asphalt Overlay of Ejule/Alloma/Otukpa Road Project is located in the northeast of Kogi State, Nigeria, and the road concerned is the arterial road connecting Kogi State and Enugu State, Benue State. The works mainly involve the construction of asphalt overlay on the existing dressed surface, with a total length of 75km.

6.Construction and Asphalt Overlay of Ajegwu – Okpachala – Idah Road:

This road project, located in the southeast of Kogi State, links the federal expressway and Idah city which is of historical importance. The project starts at Ajegwu, extends along Niger River, and finally reaches Idah, with a total length of 35km, applying asphalt concrete pavement design.

7.Kazaure Bridge in Jigawa State, Nigeria:

This Kazaure bridge project, located in the northwest of Jigawa State, concerns the construction a 240m long bridge overflying river, adopting bored piles foundation.

8.Construction of Kibiya–Garko road in Kano State, Nigeria:

This Kibiya – Garko road project concerns the construction connecting the two local governments of 24km long in total, which is of the country road class, applying surface dressing procedure.

9.Tamburawa – Kumbotso – Challawa (Zaria) Road Project in Kano State, Nigeria:

This Zaria road project is an urban infrastructure project of Kano State, with a total length of 9 km, applying double-layer asphalt pavement design.


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