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1.Eden Gardens Project:

This Eden Gardens Project is located in Camama region, developed by Ridge Solution Co. The current development plan is to build a high-level villa-type modern residential complex of over 4000 houses, integrating residential area with kindergarten, business and shopping centers, cultural and recreational facilities, and property management service. The entire project consists of 20 contract packages, the No.17 & 18 packages of which are undertaken by us which concern the construction of 379 houses in total with an aggregate construction area of 38,762.00m². The construction is commenced from July, 2008.

2.Repair of school buildings in Huambo, Angola:

This project concerns the repair of school buildings of Dangereux elementary school and Bula high school in Huambo, Angola, including the replacement of roof tiles, floor and wall tiles, wall plastering, upgrading and repair of water and electricity system. The repair area is 12093m² in total. The project is commenced in Nov., 2008.

3.Casa Protocolar Housing project in Angola:

The Casa Protocolar housing project is located in Kuito city of Bie province, and the Casa Protocolar of Kuíto is the work & activity center in Bie of MPLA, the Party-in-power of Angola. The construction area is around 3500 m², applying three-tier framework structure, and the finishing style is as per that of the public facilities in China, except that the roofing adopts Spanish style. The Bie provincial government has deemed this project as a symbolic work of the province and used it for propaganda around the whole province. The high-level leaders of Angola, including the Minister of Public Works Ministry, governor of Bie province, and mayor of Kuito city, have conducted site visit several times, and they have expressed their satisfactory to the project with high comments.

4.Erection, completion and handover of 217 houses including related work at Kitulu village:

This housing project in Kitulu village is located in Kitulu district, Bengo Province, with a 70km distance to Luanda. In the first phase, a total number of 1088 houses are planned to be constructed, 217 of which are undertaken by us (including 108 houses of Type 55, 46 houses of Type 55T2, 30 houses of Type 70, 13 houses of Type 70T2, 20 houses of Type 105), together with such related works as the installation of water and electricity utilities and the construction of roads within the complex. All of the houses apply single-storey masonry structure with valve plate foundation, welded rectangular tube frame roofing plus Spanish colored roof tiles and simple finishing (interior & exterior emulsion paint, floor tiles, ready-made wooden doors, aluminum alloy doors & windows, etc.). The project is commenced in December, 2008 and completed in December, 2011.

5.Newly-built Embassy Premises of the People’s Republic of China in Uganda:

This embassy premises project is located in Kampala city, Uganda, applying framework structure, with a total land area of 19000m² and a construction area of 3280.10m², including office building of 1288.2m², visa house of 190.97m², official residence and multi-functional house of 1663.87m², power generation room of 137.06 m², water pump house of 137.06 m², together with such exterior works as water, electricity and gas utilities, landscaping and access roads, etc. This project is executed by China Overseas Engineering Group Co., Ltd. as the prime contractor, and the construction is undertaken by us. The construction is commenced in June, 2007 and completed in Nov. 2009, and the works so completed have been evaluated as qualified pursuant to the taking-over inspection by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC.

6.36km Botanic Garden Project in Angola:

This project covers a land area of 40000m², which is developed as a private club integrating offices, recreational facilities and accommodations. The scope of main works involves the construction of a fully-closed enclosing wall. The main building occupies a construction area of 667m², and supporting facilities include landscape pool, generator room, reservoir, parking lot. The project is designed by a Portugal design company, applying wooden beam as the roofing bearing structure which is unique and novel. The project is commenced in March, 2011 and completed in March, 2012.

7.Construction of Some Structures at State University Aliero in Kebbi State, Nigeria:

The Kebbi State University is located at Aliero community in the suburbs of the state capitial –Birnin Kebbi, covering a land area of approx. 40000 km² and a construction area of 40000m². The main buildings include students’ dormitories, staff quarters, administrative building, assembly hall, laborites, offices and classrooms buildings for the four faculties, etc.




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