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1.Zamoranno Fazenda Irrigation System Project in Venezuela:

The main works implemented under this irrigation system project include: water intake works by water well, water transmission pipelines for irrigation and domestic water supply, auxiliary facilities, pipelines and ditches for sewage drainage and storm water discharge, agricultural land preparation, village roads, power transmission and transformation lines together with supporting facilities, residential houses and public houses, etc.

2.BP Zhuhai LPG Phage II Expansion Project:

This liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) expansion project is located in Gaolan Island, Zhuhai City. The scope of works mainly comprises: propane and butane (LPG) underground storage caverns, service tunnel, propane and butane water-curtain corridors, connection corridor between LPG storage corridors, water-curtain drilling, propane and butane main shafts and the injection of main products, seismic monitoring hole, service tunnel backwater hole, concrete plug, site clearance and commissioning. The quantity of excavation is approx. 200,000 m². The project is commenced in July 2004 and completed in January, 2006.

3.Construction of Lokoja Township Stadium Project in Kogi State, Nigeria:

This project concerns the construction of a comprehensive stadium in the state capital of Lokoja, Kogi State, with a land area of 160,000m² and a construction area of 15,000m², consisting of main stadium, multi-functional indoor stadium, outdoor tennis court and football training pitch, capable of holding 20,000 people and available for contests and football matches.


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