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1.Reconstruction of Biula-Muconda Road Project in Angola:

This project concerns the reconstruction of Biula–Muconda section along the N240 highway, which is a key branch located in Lunda Sul province, linking Angola with the Democratic Republic of Congo, with a 1200km distance from Luanda, the capital of Angola. The road is to be reconstructed into a two-lane road with asphalt concrete pavement, with a total length of 153km, a design speed of 70km/h and a lane width of 7m. The scope of main works include: subgrade earthworks and support works (cut of 1,100,000 m³ and fill of 880,000 m³), pavement works (subbase of 20cm, base course of 20cm, asphalt concrete surface of 5cm), culvert works (4 nos of box culvert, 23 nos of pipe culvert), safety facilities, landscaping and environmental protection works. We undertake the construction of this project, and the construction is commenced from April, 2009.

2.LLC Road Project in Angola:

The LLC Road Project concerns the reconstruction of LUCUSSE – LUMBALA CAQUENGUE section along the E190 highway, which is located in the east of Moxico province, starting from Lucusse with a distance of 124km from the provincial capital of Luena and a distance of 1650km from the national capital of Luanda, and ending at Zambesi river bank in Lumbala Caquengue. This is a Grade-3 road involving two lanes, with a total length of 198.1km, a design speed of 100km/h, and a lane width of 7.4m.

3.TANGER–KENITRA Soft Subgrade Treatment Project in Morocco:

This Tanger–Kenitra soft subgrade treatment project concerns the railway subgrade construction of the first high-speed railway in African continent and Arabic countries. The works mainly focus on the reinforcement and treatment of soft subgrade sections along the high-speed railway line. The project comprises two packages, namely, the north package and the south package, with the north package including the soft subgrade treatment of 23040m in total and the south package 8100m. The quantities of main works involved in the north package include: water filtering materials of 338,000m³, geo-textile of 675,000m³, drain boards of 6,108,000lm, 300,000 boreholes, land expropriation of 120 ha; the quantities of main works involved in the south package include: water filtering materials of 231,000m³, geo-textile of 460,000m², drainage boards of 4,113,000lm, 231,000 boreholes, land expropriation of 70 ha. The project is commenced from August, 2010.

4.Civil works for Beralus Berezov and Lukoml 400mw Combine-Cycle Power Plants:

The Berezov and Lukoml power plants are contracted by China Machinery Engineering Corporation on a turn-key basis. The power plant construction contract involves engineering, construction, procurement, equipment installation, start-up commissioning, working conditions debugging, trial run, handing-over for operation, technical maintenance during defects liability period, staff training, bank financing for the project, and after-sale service for the equipments incorporated to the 400MW combine-cycle power generation device in Berezov public area. We undertake the civil works for the two power plants, and the advanced preparation and mobilization works are carried out from June 2011.

5.Cameroon Limbe Stadium Project:

Limbe Stadium, located in Limbe, a southwest coastal city of Cameroon, is a standard-sized stadium with 15000+5000 seats, mainly for football matches and for track-and-field events as well. The central field is designed as per the standard 400m comprehensive track-and-field ground, with a radius of 36.5m and a straight track length of 84.39m, involving 8 main tracks, and 8 straight tracks in the west side. Track-and-field events and natural turf football pitch as per the international standard are included. This project is contracted by China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) as the prime contractor, and the construction by us is commenced from Jan. 2012. The stadium covers a total land area of 162045 m³ and a total construction area of 3813 m³, floor area ratio of 0.06, stand area of 9877 m³, metal rain canopy with an area of 775 m³ and a height of 32.8m; concrete rain canopy with an area of 595 m³.

6.Foundation Works for Omotosho Power Plant (Phase II) in Nigeria:

Omotosho Power Plant Project (Phase II) is contracted by China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) on a turn-key basis, and we are responsible for such works as site leveling, slope protection, fencing, road, temporary houses for production and living, temporary water, electricity and lighting facilities. The land are of plant site within the fencing is approx. 130,000 m², and the projected area where site leveling, excavation, cut & fill balancing, side-slope cut & fill are required is approx. 170,000m². The scope of works involves: clearance of top soils, excavation & backfill, service road to the site of power plant phase I, temporary facilities for the construction of power plant phase II, site fencing and drainage ditches for power plant phase II, masonry retaining wall and mortar rubbles lattice works, slope surface grassing, etc. The project is commenced in Jan. 2011.

7.Kogi State Government Office Building (Phase II), Nigeria:

This Kogi State Government Office Building Project (Phase II), located in Lokoja, the capital of Kogi State, is one of the key projects aiming at improving the working conditions of the local government. The project covers a land area of 22000 m² and a construction area of 12000 m², with 4-level framework structure.

8.AYANBA – IDAH Road Rehabilitation Project:

This Ayanba – Idah road rehabilitation project is implemented by Kogi State government on behalf of the federal government. The road, located in the east of Kogi State, is a federal highway built in 1970s, linking the expressway and Idah, a city of historical importance, and under this project, the existing road surface with a total length of 55km are rehabilitated and paved with asphalt concrete layer.

9.Janguza – Kayaye Highway Bridge No.6 in Kano State, Nigeria:

The Janguza – Karaye Highway Bridge No.6 is one of the key bridge works of Janguza – Karaye Highway project in Kano State, applying bored piles.

10.Construction of Ultra-modern Conference Center at Audubako Secretarial Complex in Kano State, Nigeria:

This Kano State ultra-modern conference center project is a state infrastructure project located in Kano city, the capital of Kano State, including one large conference hall, two small conference halls, one office building, and inter-building landscaping, etc.


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