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Labor cooperation is one of the businesses of foreign labor cooperation management and services that the company specializes in. The company has provided 11,488 labors and personnel for various engineering projects and other service industries to more than 30 countries and regions such as Iraq, Libya, Djibouti, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Laos, Nepal, Afghanistan, Israel, Fiji, Myanmar, Nigeria, Morocco, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Suriname, Uganda, Cape Verde, Cambodia, Venezuela, Belarus, Cameroon, and so on.  (Statistics time: February 2012. For details please refer to our annual statistics report on foreign contracted engineering labor service submitted to the Ministry of Commerce. ) We have been strictly enforcing China's laws, rules and regulations on foreign labor service cooperation, actively protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the overseas labors and personnel provided by us, strictly following various regulations of the company regarding the management of overseas labor service cooperation, executing agreements with good faith. With not a single foreign labor dispute, business misdeed or any bad records, we absolutely have a strong capability in foreign labor cooperation business management and market development.

Since a long time ago, the company has signed long-term labor and employment agreements with many labor bases in Sichuan province. It has played a significant role to convert the advantage of China's labor resources into economic advantages, thus fulfill the social responsibility of a state-owned enterprise in solving the problem of local employment. With the contribution of the company, a large number of migrant workers and laid-off workers have got out of poverty-a fair proof to the company's active efforts in maintaining local social stability. Meanwhile, the company has provided a broad platform for improving the quality and skills of labors in China, and trained a large number of professional talents for the engineering construction industry.
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